Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming out of the closet

I was a closet Slovenia fan.  Watching the two games side by side on a projector screen in a Mongolian bar, I was torn.  After figuring out that Slovenia wouldn't tie the game with England last night, I secretly hoped for a tie in the USA vs. Algeria game so that England and Slovenia would both enter the next round.

Irrational? Probably a bit. Unpatriotic? Absolutely.

But of course Donovan scored in the 91st minute. Definitely a bittersweet moment for me.

I've tried to love the USA team but somehow it's not happening.

So with Slovenia out, I'll just have to find another team to fall in love with.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The reason why Asians are so small

It's because there are so many of them and only so many metro trains during rush hour.

People actually groan when a slightly larger person is trying to cram himself/ herself onto the train. Cruel, but true.

Just when you are pressed up against random strangers and think that there is no possible way that anyone else could fit inside, they surprise you.
Call it the survival of the masses.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living out of suitcases

I've always been infected with the constant desire to get going. To find stories and live different lives. But now I'm playing around with the idea of staying put. And it is starting to sound delicious. It is, after all, a different adventure altogether.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lama Temple

My friend Dario who's here interning at the Mexican Embassy.
For some reason, I just absolutely love this photo.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eight hours

On June 13, 2010.
6:30 p.m. My flight to Beijing was supposed to start boarding half an hour ago.
6:45 p.m. Supposed flight takeoff time
8:45 p.m. Still sitting in the Shanghai airport, staring at my plane that was parked outside.
9:36 p.m. Started talking to a cute boy sitting next to me. Turns out he's doing an internship in Beijing too.
10:45 p.m. Still waiting. The flight attendent told us that there is an "unspecified delay" because of an electrical storm in Beijing.
11:30 p.m. Decided to go home instead of crashing on an airport couch.
11:35 p.m. Said goodbye to my new friend. I don't think I've even told him my name.
12:00 a.m. The flight attendent told me that they had lost my lugguage.
12:15 a.m. The same flight attendent told me that he could not rebook me for another flight to Beijing the next day unless I have my lugguage in my hand.
12:16 a.m. Just stared at him.
12:20 a.m. People started a fight in front of the ticket counter. 200 planes were grounded. People were chanting "we want water, we want food, we want a bus!" I was not as demanding; I just wanted my lugguage and a new ticket.
1:22 a.m. They found my lugguage!
1:25 a.m. Was informed that the ticket rebooking system had crashed because so many people were rebooking.
2:49 a.m. Got my new ticket. My parents picked me up.
3:35 a.m. Crashed onto my bed at home.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dinner Time

The famous snack street.

Octupus balls. My favorite.

冰糖水果。Carmelized fruits.

Lamb Kebabs.

Seahorses. Cicadas. Scorpions. Geckos.
I ate fried cicadas once for a dare. But that's a different blog post.

Star fish. More scorpions.

No idea. But something protein-rich?