Monday, May 11, 2009

Feeling American

As part of our class field trip in Washington Seminar, we went to Philadelphia this weekend. Before we went, the only thing I really knew about Philly was the Philly cheesesteak, and I wasn't even sure if I really liked eating it.

It turned out to be a wonderful, patriotic experience. We stood, in awe, in the very room that the Constitution was signed in. We looked with reverence at the liberty bell that heralded in the democratic peace. We also hunted down Benjamin Franklin's grave with the zeal of treasure hunters. We even "met" Thomas Jefferson, whom we affectionately dubbed "TJ", and spent an hour talking to him.

For a girl who has stubbornly refused to learn the pledge, constantly stumbled over the national anthem, and always hurried indoors when BYU does its flag lowering ceremony, I actually had tears in my eyes when I was watching the clip briefly introducing the history behind the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. For the first time, I felt a flicker of the patriotic flame that burned brightly in the Founders' hearts. For once, I felt American.

By the way, I tried the local Philly Cheesesteak. It was delicious.